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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tea Corner

I visited "my cup of tea", obviously for a cup of tea. I read about the place in the newspaper and really liked the concept ( I visited the shop in the PVR Priya complex alongwith Sambit and Tarini. I had a cup of Masala Chai and it was really good. Priced reasonably at Rs 35. They have some variety in Black Tea also (its called Tea Sangria). Next time I am there I will try out some Juiced Tea.

But they need to work really hard to tranform it from a good place to a great place. Music was lousy. Some bollywood numbers were playing. I guess in a concept based outlet like this, music should also be matching the mood of the place. Interiors was plane. Couple of lamp shades hanging around. Not really impressive. But the concept is good and i hope they put some serious effort to improve the ambience. Even I think they should work on the website. it is too slow (lots of images) and most of the pages are under construction.


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