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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Andhra Bhawan Food + Dr. Mishra

Tomorrow Dr. Mishra will be flying to France and we decided to go to Andhra Bhwan for dinner. You cannot find a better place for Andhra food for Rs 50, that too unlimited food. They keep you serving till you are totally fed up with food :) The system there is very simple. Just pay Rs 50 and win a ticket for delicious unlimited andhra thali. Non Veg costs you 50 more and you can get Mutton/Chicken Curry. I think they prepare Hyderabadi Biryani only on Sunday afternoons.

Dr Mishra likes Andhra Bhawan very much and all of us (Sambit, Beena, Dr. Mishra, Shweta) had great fun. After dinner, we had nice coffee at Barista in Green Park. We tried two new flavors of Hot Chocolate. One was Mint flavoured and other called Caribbean Hot Chocolate had some Rum added to it. I thought not to mix drinking and driving and went for the mint flavoured one. Try it sometime. Its different and great


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