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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Choko la at PVR Priya Complex

Theme Restaurant based on Chocolates. Could I ask for more? I read about the place in TOI and decided to check that out. Excellent decor and quite spacious. Good place to spend an evening with someone special but also great place for people like me who went there with Tarini :)

To get a taste of the place, we ordered a platter. Its called "Choka La Tasting Plate" - a selection of deserts. The one I liked the most in that was "Baba au rhum", a sponge cake marinated with jamaican rum. Also "Sao thome", a dark chocolate mousse with rice crsipy pralines. After that we ordered a milk chocolate drink "Papua" which had lemon, caramel and walnut. It was very tasty but definitely very rich.

Great Place with rich and tasty chocolates. Definitely a must go for all chocolate lovers like me. This place has inspired me to learn the art of making such delicious stuffs. May be someday I prepare them and invite you to taste.


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