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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Italian Food at Nick, Mcleod Ganj

If Pasta, Pizza, Pancake and Pastries excite you and you are in Mcleud ganj, this posting will definitely help you. Nick’s Italian Restaurant in Mcleud ganj is the place where you should be heading. I spent almost 2 days having breakfast/lunch/dinner at the place and I can assure you that this is one of the best dining out place in the area. With a a big open area facing the Mountains, the place provides excellent food as well as sight seeing. The place is really amazing. Buzzing with tourists, it has LIFE. Still you can pick up a corner table and just gaze at the mountains and be lost.

Its difficult to say what I liked the most there. Cheese Pancakes, Almond American Cake, Chocolate Cakes all were so tasty. Just order anything there and be assured that it will be good. You can start your day with Farmer's Breakfast which has the regular toast/omlette and end your dinner with some cake like Lemon cheese cake.

Food is definitely heavy on cheese side but there seems to be magic in the place. We had boat loads of cheese there for 2 days but somehow we still felt light at the end of the meal. Food is economical too. Any dish will cost you around Rs 40-60. Three of us were there and when we ate like hungry kids, we could barely reach 300 (includes cakes). So the place is light on your stomach as well as on your wallet and 5 star rating for taste and ambience.


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