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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Snacky time in Noida...

Holi evening and I was getting restless for some spicy junk food. My flatmates were not ready to move out of the house. So have to call Tarini :) and he came to my rescue. We went to Taste of India in CenterStage Mall and ordered a Tandoori Platter and some Papdi Chat. I must say the Tandoori Platter was really nice. It was a combination of Paneer, Aloo, Gobhi and also some Nan and Dal. Very tasty. After our tandoor food, we went to Pizza Hut for some Pizzas. Luckily there was a scheme running which had a Pizza, Coke, Garlic Bread and Icecream at 75 per head. I had lots of Pizza and Garlic Bread and Tarini had my share of coke and icecream too (i avoid icecreams for my throat problem). Rs 150 for 2 with all this was a real good deal. After watching "Malamaal Weekly", I ended my snacky affair by having Pav Bhaji at home prepared by Joshi. Perfect end to the Holi evening.


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