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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Fooding around in Pilani

Last Week I visited Pilani for Adobe's Campus Recuitment drive and had a great time eating out in Connaught. So thought to put down my experience with some suggestions. If you are a Pilani student, you wont learn anything new but I hope you would definitely agree with my choice of places and food. If you have not stayed/studied in Pilani but visiting Pilani, this posting is going to help you to make the right choices related to food. So when in Pilani, you can try eating out at the following places...

1. Fried Maggi in Blue Moon: Start with this in Pilani. The maggi over here is amazing. The taste remains the same. Try it with MNB(Mid Night Beauty:Shake with Icecream Scoop of choice) or hot chocolate. The milkshakes here are also great.

2. Dhaba on Jaipur Road: Situated close to Sarvajanik Hospital on Jaipur Highway, this place rose to prominence during the late 90s (i think our group had a major role in that). Ask for Cheese Tomato when you are here. Nice food with a dhaba ambience. During winter, one can enjoy the 'sarson ka khet" nearby.

3. Coffee with Sandwich in SKY: A visit to Sky during daytime is a must. Supplement that with a strong coffee with vegetable sandwich from Pappu(owner of the only food outlet in SKY). If you have studied in Pilani, expect to be recognized by Pappu.

4. Dosa at Annapurna: Nice Crispy Dosa. Tasty filling. Also ask for Saunf at Annapurna. They serve those colored sweet saunf which tastes very good.

5. Non Veg at GD: If you are a Non vegetarian, there are very little options in Pilani as most of the places serve pure Veg food. Try out Golden Dragon or Kapoors. I would suggest GD first.

6. Gulab Jamun at Sharmas: Try it after dinner. They serve you hot. It generally gets over by 10.30. So book it for yourself before you finish your dinner. They may not last that long.

7. Pan at the Corner Shop: "Shiv Ganga" is what the shop owner has given the name to his speciality. He puts a "laung" in the sweet pan and puts it on fire. Then you put the burning pan in your mouth. Really good in the winter. Finish your day with the pan.

One thing that hasnt changed in Connaught is the lack of wash basins in the restaurant. I guess they dont see any ROI by putting in the wash basins. So things remains as they were.


  • Hi I am abhisairam, a student of BITS-Pilani.
    i have seen ur blog accidentally...
    its nice and can u gimme ur gmail id so that we can talk and share our feelings....
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