Food Corner

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Orissa Food Festival in Delhi Haat

Great break at the middle of the week as I went to attend the Orissa Festival at Delhi Haat. There was dance performances from Orissa and I liked the Ghoda nacha (Horse Dance) the most. But the biggest attraction of the event was the Oriya food that was served. I had a little of almost everything alongwith a lot of fish fry. Rasogolla was good. Unfortunately Prawns were over by the time we reached. Tarini, Pany, Neena and myself had good fun and also discussed a lot about weekend travels to around i guess 20 places. Hopefully just one materializes...

Ended the night with some chocolates at Barista. Tried out some roasted coffee wrapped in Milk Chocolates. It was nice but bit costly as the pack with some 10 pieces being priced at Rs 30.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Snacky time in Noida...

Holi evening and I was getting restless for some spicy junk food. My flatmates were not ready to move out of the house. So have to call Tarini :) and he came to my rescue. We went to Taste of India in CenterStage Mall and ordered a Tandoori Platter and some Papdi Chat. I must say the Tandoori Platter was really nice. It was a combination of Paneer, Aloo, Gobhi and also some Nan and Dal. Very tasty. After our tandoor food, we went to Pizza Hut for some Pizzas. Luckily there was a scheme running which had a Pizza, Coke, Garlic Bread and Icecream at 75 per head. I had lots of Pizza and Garlic Bread and Tarini had my share of coke and icecream too (i avoid icecreams for my throat problem). Rs 150 for 2 with all this was a real good deal. After watching "Malamaal Weekly", I ended my snacky affair by having Pav Bhaji at home prepared by Joshi. Perfect end to the Holi evening.

Food Bonanza in North Campus, Delhi

Moets, Karim and lots of "discussions"

I was in North Campus to meet couple of my Brother's friend and we were supposed to do some business discussion and yes we did have some meaningful discussions. But more importantly for this blog, I had some nice food at different places. We went to Moets (Chinese) in Civil Lines and had some nice Prawns, Chicken and Chowmein. Prawn was particularly good. The difference in Moets kind of chinese outlet and some indianized Chinese outlet is that Moets stuff are steamed whereas the desi chinese food means deep fried and spiced up a lot. Any case, i like both of them.
Mitha Pan with lots and lots of Gulkand outside Moet was a perfect end to the night (or actually a begining to the post dinner "discussions")

Murgh Biryani was waiting for us at Karims in Kamala Nagar during lunch time next day. We had some nice Chicken Barra (nice kababs) and Chicken Jahangira along with it. The gravy(of Jahangira) was really good and went nice with the Awadh style Biryani of Karims.

We ended the food festival by having some nice Pastries (Chocolate Truffle and Choco Almond) in a bakery outlet in Model Town and i got to know a small trivia about Model Town from sujit bhaina. It seems "Model Town" is the first Private Colony developed in Delhi(by DLF).