Food Corner

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Rajdhani - A Paradise for Veggie: Aaojo

Saturday night and search for good food. Suddenly I remembered someone mentioning about Rajdhani in CP offering Gujrati Thali. So why not try that out. Paresh and Nitin picked me up from my house and we headed towards CP. I had just heard that its near PVR and we parked very close to PVR Plaza. There we came to know that the place is near PVR Rivoli. I never knew there are two PVRs in CP. Anycase that was not far off and we decided to walk the talk, with standard discussions on life, starting a company, patents etc.

After a waiting time for 10 mins, we got a seat. I must say the person handling the waiting queue was very courteous which is rare in most of the places. The first thing that attracted me is the vessel they gave to wash our hands. No other place I have visited before gives you a chance to wash your hands before food. After washing hands, then started the long list of food to follow. My fav was Thika Dal, Khichdi, Aloo ki subji, Veg Roll. Food here is unlimited and the people there really want you to eat as much as possible (much like AP Bhawan). Ambience is simple and clean. It doesnt hurt much to the wallet also. 150 per head (120 i guess on weekdays) in CP for good food is anyway a good deal.

The restaurant is located right in front of PVR Rivoli(Outer circle). For parking, I would suggest to park in CP Inner Circle, in front of 'Rodeus' and take a short walk. There is a subway also to cross the outercircle. There is going to be a outlet in Noida soon and that will help people like us. Till then, I guess we will make another trip for sure sometime soon.

On leaving the place, there is a drum which you can beat to show your satisfaction and on doing that, people there say "Aaojo" which in gujrati means "Please come Again"