Food Corner

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Choko la at PVR Priya Complex

Theme Restaurant based on Chocolates. Could I ask for more? I read about the place in TOI and decided to check that out. Excellent decor and quite spacious. Good place to spend an evening with someone special but also great place for people like me who went there with Tarini :)

To get a taste of the place, we ordered a platter. Its called "Choka La Tasting Plate" - a selection of deserts. The one I liked the most in that was "Baba au rhum", a sponge cake marinated with jamaican rum. Also "Sao thome", a dark chocolate mousse with rice crsipy pralines. After that we ordered a milk chocolate drink "Papua" which had lemon, caramel and walnut. It was very tasty but definitely very rich.

Great Place with rich and tasty chocolates. Definitely a must go for all chocolate lovers like me. This place has inspired me to learn the art of making such delicious stuffs. May be someday I prepare them and invite you to taste.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ichiban at Pandara Market

Visiting Pandara Market for two consecutive days. Friday to Chicken Inn and Saturday to Ichiban. Ichiban is a speciality restraurant serving Chinese and Japanese food. It is a bit small place with not so elaborate decor but I must say the food is great.
Definitely try the "Tom Yam" Soup. Its a chicken soup with lemon grass in it. It has also a spicy tinge to it. Excellent soup I must say. We also ordered "Yaki tori" - grilled bar be cued chicken along with standard Noodles. It was good...for me it tasted like chicken pakodas. It was slightly costly than Bercos but i would say food was better.

Unlike Chicken Inn which caused the small hole in our wallet, Ichiban was a birthday treat by Pany. But the real burn came outside when he had Pan. Each Pan costed us Rs 15 :(.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chicken Inn at Midnight

I had heard a lot about Pandara Market Restaurants getting the midnight crowd. So after watching a excellent movie ("ZINDA") at PVR Noida, I along with my friends (Nitin, Chaitanya and P2) went to "Chicken Inn" at 2 in the night. But yes ofcourse after a game of TT in the office.

We just ordered some Aloo ke Parathas, Malai Kofta and Chicken Burra (Tikka like). Food was good. I really liked the ambience. Well lit with nice simple decors. The seating was comfortable. Crowd was good but not brilliant as expected. I was hoping to catch some Page3 celebrities out there and also may be we appearing on Page3 of next day Delhi Times. But sadly nothing like that happened. May be this place is not big enough for those stars but it was definitely hot enough to burn our pockets a little bit.

We ended the night with a Pan outside and then a long drive back to Noida (ofcourse after a ride around the India Gate)