Food Corner

Monday, November 14, 2005

Home Food at Orissa Bhawan

We took all the pain to travel from Noida to Chanayakapuri to have lunch at Orissa Bhawan. Simple, tasty n cheap: just 3 words to describe the food. Fish Fry, Fish Curry, Rasogolla, Dal, Chawal, Sabji, Papad and you know how much it costed: only 70/head. Nice Oriya song was playing in the background. The only area of improvement is the wash basin area. One of the taps was not working and the area was not clean atll. After a satisying lunch, we took a walk around the area and went around Norway Embassy. I had been there before and reminded me of the past.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Geoffrey’s CenterStage Noida

Chaitanya's birthday treat in Geoffrey's. Woh...this is a place for treat i guess. Quite costly but it also caters to a different class. Nice interiors, nice (loud) music. my friends told that its trans(something which keeps repeating). I tried Grilled Fish. It was good. Quantity less but tasted good. Then helped my friends with their food :) Pizza, Some Potato stuff(difficult name). Nice place to hang around with friends particularly if someone treating. Total freakout for today with lunch and dinner treat.

Pearl Regency, Noida

My favourite here is Veg Biryani. I would prefer to call it Veg Pulao rather than Biryani. It is very tasty, truly indian. Very Spicy and full of kajus. Also I like to just have Butter Nan with Moorg Tikka Masala. I should say food is extremely spicy. Not sure abt health quotient but it definitely scores on taste qoutient. Quite Spacious. You have live music(Ghazals) on weekends. A good place to satisfy your taste bud. Checkout if there is special discount for your company. I get 15% discount for lunch :) Adobe zindabad. Today's occasion was pkant's treat. All the best to him who is shifting to USA for a job in California.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Andhra Bhawan Food + Dr. Mishra

Tomorrow Dr. Mishra will be flying to France and we decided to go to Andhra Bhwan for dinner. You cannot find a better place for Andhra food for Rs 50, that too unlimited food. They keep you serving till you are totally fed up with food :) The system there is very simple. Just pay Rs 50 and win a ticket for delicious unlimited andhra thali. Non Veg costs you 50 more and you can get Mutton/Chicken Curry. I think they prepare Hyderabadi Biryani only on Sunday afternoons.

Dr Mishra likes Andhra Bhawan very much and all of us (Sambit, Beena, Dr. Mishra, Shweta) had great fun. After dinner, we had nice coffee at Barista in Green Park. We tried two new flavors of Hot Chocolate. One was Mint flavoured and other called Caribbean Hot Chocolate had some Rum added to it. I thought not to mix drinking and driving and went for the mint flavoured one. Try it sometime. Its different and great

Monday, November 07, 2005

Desi Food at Desi Vibes

Had some nice punjabi food at Desi Vibes, located at Sec 18 Noida. It is very close to MotiMahal. We started with Murgh Sorba, then ordered Tandoor Platter. Both were great. Then we ordered the usual stuff...Butter Nan and Chicken Kadhai. Food was great...Not too spicy, not too bland. Right mix. Brilliant ambience...the usual well stuff, mud walls giving it a "desi look". Pricing reasonable, knowing it is in sec 18, noida...Rs 600 was the damage for 3 people...After dinner, we had Badam Milk at nearby Nathu's Shop. Good end to a great weekend(food, sleep, food, sleep, chat, sleep and some cricket) :)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tea Corner

I visited "my cup of tea", obviously for a cup of tea. I read about the place in the newspaper and really liked the concept ( I visited the shop in the PVR Priya complex alongwith Sambit and Tarini. I had a cup of Masala Chai and it was really good. Priced reasonably at Rs 35. They have some variety in Black Tea also (its called Tea Sangria). Next time I am there I will try out some Juiced Tea.

But they need to work really hard to tranform it from a good place to a great place. Music was lousy. Some bollywood numbers were playing. I guess in a concept based outlet like this, music should also be matching the mood of the place. Interiors was plane. Couple of lamp shades hanging around. Not really impressive. But the concept is good and i hope they put some serious effort to improve the ambience. Even I think they should work on the website. it is too slow (lots of images) and most of the pages are under construction.